Careers with is part of the big four players in the German coach industry. With a fourfold increase in the number of offers and the planned internationalisation, the subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn hopes to mix things up in the coach industry.

With passion and conviction, our team works day in day out to optimise what we offer - an excellent customer experience and optimal price performance are core concerns of our company. 

With our staff are encouraged and challenged. Here everyone has the opportunity to help shape the coach service industry whilst realising their own ability. We demand initiative, motivation, team spirit and 'outside the box' thinking from all our employees. With us you can expect challenging projects, a friendly team and promising personal development opportunities.

By the way: We are also an apprenticeship comapny, training businessmen and women in the areas of Marketing Communications and Office communications. 


No open vacancies.

Why should you work with

  • Expertise   

Our team consists of experienced and specialised staff, who confidently work on structured and analytical new tasks.

  • Transparency 

Regular updates on current affairs and goals with head management. At these meetings, everyone has the opportunity to give his/her opinion and are free to ask questions. 

  • Personal Development

Good performance and engagement really pays off. With, all staff can gain new areas of responsibility and can put his/her skills to the test. 

  • Fun at work

Products and projects that inspire. Flat hierarchies, friendly colleagues and enjoyable tastks combine for a friendly working environment. 

  • The Team

Teanmwork and working together are really important to us. Department lunches team events are regularly organised.

  • Trust based working hours

Whether you're an early riser or not, with us you have the option of starting your day between 7:00 and 9:30. You can then plan your day as you wish. 

  • Free bus trips

You should not miss out on free bus journeys with! For you and your partner, you can always apply for a free ride.

  • Weekly fruit basket

Once a week, fresh fruit is delivered to the office. This is not only refreshing but also healthy!