Bus Berlin Copenhagen – Traveling in Comfort to the Danish Capital

The Norse influence still lingers on in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. You can see the splendors of the past whilst visiting reconstructed Viking villages in the surrounding area and even strolling through the colorful streets of Copenhagen’s harbor. The city is full of friendly people, wonderful restaurants and magnificent sites to see. Bus trips from Berlin to Copenhagen starting from as low as 22€ make booking this adventure a no-brainer. 


Bus Berlin Copenhagen – Perks of Berlin Linien Bus Travel: 

  • Daily bus trips from Berlin to Copenhagen
  • Bus tickets starting from the low price of 22€
  • Climate-controlled buses
  • Clean toilets for traveling convenience 


Exploring the Danish Capital of Culture:

Art galleries, picturesque streets, colorful canals and flower-filled parks dot the breath-taking landscape of the city of Copenhagen. It is truly impossible not to turn one’s head and behold the beauty that this seaside capital has to offer. Start off your bus trip with a relaxing promenade around the harbor; be sure to check out the famous statue by Edvard Eriksen, which depicts Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. Copenhagen is also a place where old and modern architecture collide – this is quite evident when one considers and contrasts the Royal Danish Opera House with such Baroque classics as the Church of Our Savior (Vor Frelsers Kirke) and the Round Tower (Rundetårn). 


Bus Stop Information for your Trip from Berlin to Copenhagen:

The bus journey from Berlin to Copenhagen starts off from the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin am Funkturm (ZOB). You can easily reach the ZOB bus station from the Kaiserdamm underground station (U-Bahn Kaiserdamm) or from the tram stop S-Bahn Berlin Messe Nord on the Ringbahn. The duration of the bus trip is approximately 7.5 hours with intermediate stops in Rostock and Nykøbing. You will arrive at the Ingerslevsgade bus station in Copenhagen, which is across the street from the DGI Building. 

• Berlin ZOB am Funkturm to Ingerslevsgade Bus Station in Copenhagen 



Your bus stops in Berlin and Kopenhagen

Please note in Berlin - There are 8 different bus stops, from which we depart for Kopenhagen  
Please note in Kopenhagen - There are 1 different bus stops, from which we depart for Berlin  

Price overview for your trip from Berlin to Kopenhagen