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Leave Germany’s capital behind in the dust and take a bus trip to Leipzig – described by many as the 'New Berlin'. The roots of the city delve deeply into classical music, but Bach’s old stomping grounds have something to offer for everyone. Whether you are the bus traveler who likes to party down in the alternative scene or someone who adores the architecture and culture of Eastern Germany, you will find your niche in Leipzig. Bus trips from Berlin to Leipzig start from as low as 9€ - what are you waiting for? Book your discount travel vacation now!


Bus Berlin Leipzig – a look at your perks:

  • bus trip from Berlin to Leipzig in under 2 hours
  • bus tickets starting from the low price of 9€
  • air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and hygienic toilet
  • electrical outlets available on some bus trips
  • possibility to bring your bike on the bus journey
  • 2 children under 12-years-old travel free with parental accompaniment 


Making the most of your trip from Berlin to Leipzig with berlinbus.com:

Don’t know what to do on your bus trip from Berlin to Leipzig? No worries – around every corner there is either some stunning architecture to behold or some form of culture to absorb in through all of the 5 senses. A good first stop on your bus journey to Leipzig could be to the Panorama Tower for a spectacular view of the city from above. Various forms of architecture glitter the cobbled-streets and beautiful waterways of Leipzig – interwoven with immaculate parks and open squares. The amount of museums and art galleries is truly impressive; the Spinnerei district is truly a must-see for art lovers. The old and new come together effortlessly in this fantastic cultural hotspot. 


Bus Stop Information for your Trip from Berlin to Leipzig: 

Our bus service from Berlin to Leipzig starts off from the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin am Funkturm (ZOB). You can easily reach the ZOB bus station from the Kaiserdamm underground station (U-Bahn Kaiserdamm) or from the tram stop S-Bahn Berlin Messe Nord on the Ringbahn. The bus to Leipzig will take approximately 2 hours; it will either be a direct bus trip or one with a short stop in Potsdam. You will arrive at the main terminal of the Leipzig Airport – a short tram or bus ride away from the splendors of Leipzig. 

• Berlin ZOB to Leipzig Airport (main terminal) 


Your bus stops in Berlin and Leipzig

Please note in Berlin - There are 8 different bus stops, from which we depart for Leipzig  
Please note in Leipzig - There are 4 different bus stops, from which we depart for Berlin  

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