Bus Munich Nuremberg – Travel with berlinbus.com to a Fairytale City Lost in Time:

Do you wish to take a step back in time and travel to a place that radiates the charm and fantasy of a fairytale? Look no further than Bavaria’s second largest city and historical hotspot, Nuremberg. Famous for its role during the World War II era, the city of Nuremberg reflects its roots with its current, cultural modernization. A promenade around any corner of the city will provide you with all the proof you need; you might just forget where (and when!) you are. Book a bus ticket from Munich to Nuremberg today at berlinlinienbus.de and see the splendors this picturesque city has to offer – prices start from as low as 5€.

Bus Munich Nuremberg – A Peek at berlinlinenbus.de’s Perks:

  • daily coach buses from Munich to Nuremberg
  • bus tickets from the low price of ­­­5€
  • direct route to Nuremberg – no changeovers
  • comfortable, modern buses with air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi
  • clean, hygienic toilets for traveler convenience
  • electrical outlets are sometimes available for personal use
  • possibility to bring your bike along for the ride

Making the Most of your Bus Trip from Munich to Nuremberg:

Bus travelers who double as history buffs will find excitement and amazement around every corner in Nuremberg. Start off your bus trip from Munich to Nuremberg with a view of the city from the Nuremberg Castle. Lovers of Gothic and Baroque architecture will continue their tour to the Frauenkirche or St. Sebaldus Church; those who wish to delve into the darker history of Germany will be awe-struck by the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and Nuremberg Trial Courthouse. It is advised to brighten up the mood afterwards with a pleasant stroll through the Main Market (Hauptmarkt) and the quaint, picturesque Weissgerbergasse (revel in the amazement that the majority of this city was rebuilt to its former glory after the destruction World War II).

Bus Stop Information for your Trip from Munich to Nuremberg:

Your bus trip begins upon departure from the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof at Hackerbrücke (München ZOB) in Munich. The bus will make 2 quick stops in Greding and Ingolstadt, allowing for other bus travelers to board the coach. Your final destination and disembarking point will be at the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof at Willy-Brandt-Platz/Käthe-Strobel-Straße in Nuremberg (Nürnberg ZOB). The bus from Munich to Nuremberg is direct and calls for no changeovers of buses or stations. Once inside Nuremberg, local buses and trains will be waiting at your service to take you further on your adventure.

  • München ZOB in Munich → Nürnberg ZOB in Nuremberg

Your bus stops in München and Nürnberg

Please note in München - There are 2 different bus stops, from which we depart for Nürnberg  
Please note in Nürnberg - There are 2 different bus stops, from which we depart for München  

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