FAQ - Luggage


1) How man pieces of luggage can I bring with me?

Passengers can bring a maximum of one piece of hand luggage free of charge (40cm x 30cm x 17cm.) On national routes, passengers can bring a maximum of three pieces of luggage free of charge (max. 25kg each.)  Children who are travelling for free (check our children go free offer) can also bring one piece of luggage with them. (max. 25kg.) For each piece of luggage handed over, passengers will receive a luggage tag.

2) How big can my hand luggage be?

Your hand luggage should not exceed the dimensions 40x30x17. It has to be able to fit in the overhead luggage rack or under your seat.

3) What is considered bulky luggage?

Bulky items include prams, bicycles, wheelchairs, sledges, skis and luggage that exceed the normal dimensions and weight. Different rules apply to bikes and orthopaedic aids. Objects such as cardboard boxes and furniture cannot be transported. 

4) When is the transport of bulky luggage possible?

Passengers can bring a maximum of one piece of bulky luggage each, however the right to this is reserved. Passengers must register this bulky luggage a minimum of 48hrs prior to departure. This can be done so by contacting customer service on +49 (0) 30 338 448 0. The transportation of bulky luggage (with the exception of collapsible strollers) is not permitted on International routes. 

5) I have left something on the bus. What can I do? 

 Please write us an email with your booking number and a description of the missing items. Click here for our Contact info.



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