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About us

Berlinbus.com | The company

We connect more than just places – Over 45 years on the road and every day is always a new day!

As early as 1969, the longest serving low cost coach operator in Germany has been safely and comfortably bringing customers from all over the country to their desired destinations. As the pioneer of coach transport, nobody in the industry has more experience than us when it comes to providing a reliable service for our customers.

Berlin’s original coach operator transports people from all over Germany and Europe.

Today we offer over 150 coaches, enabling thousands of connections all over Germany and Europe. From small towns to big cities, up in the mountains to along the coastline, day trips or holidays, you can rely on berlinbus.com to bring you there!

No matter what the destination, our goal is to bring you there as conveniently and as comfortable as possible. Our brand new, high quality coaches from our renowned partners, are of the highest quality standard.

In addition to our undeniable experience in the industry, we are characterised by the comfort on all our buses and the high quality service our staff provide. Much of what defines the standard of the coach industry today, was originated and developed by the berlinbus.com brand. From the implementation of air-conditioning to the introduction of the double-decker bus, berlinbus.com continues to set standards. When it comes to service, berlinbus.com also leads the way: We offer our customers a phone service helpline. berlinbus.com was also the first bus company to introduce a loyalty programme for our customers.

Bringing our passengers safely to their desired destination is berlinbus.com’s first priority. The combination of our highly qualified bus drivers, along with latest in on-board safety features (e.g. ABS ESP and cruise control), guarantee a comfortable and safe journey for our passengers.

We at berlinbus.com offer quality, safety and comfort at an attractive price.

Decades of experience have characterised berlinbus.com and thanks to new ownership, we can plan and prepare for the future.

This is still relevant today. berlinbus.com: we offer more than just destinations, we offer tradition.

Wir verbinden mehr als Orte

For more than 45 years, berlinbus.com has been connecting more than just destinations. The coach company rooted in Berlin is steeped in history and undeniable experience. berlinbus.com exemplifies all the characteristics of Berlin.

The Berlin manner

We are direct and honest. The Berlin charm can sometimes come across a bit rough, but it always comes from the heart.


Berliners are accustomed to punctuality and getting from A to B in a timely manner. It comes as no surprise that Berlin is known as ‘The fastest city in Europe’. We offer a reliable and efficient service for our passengers. In the unlikely event of a delay in departure, we offer our customers up to date and real-time information about the current status and estimated time of departure/arrival of their bus.

No fancy-shmancy

Arrogance is rare and not really appreciated in Berlin. The people here are down-to-earth and very welcoming. Everyone can travel with us. Our attractive prices make travelling affordable for everyone. With our promo offers, tickets have never been so cheap.

The Berlin air

The Berlin air is unique but at the same diverse. Every suburb has its own fragrance. To maintain this reputation, our buses meet the highest and strictest emissions standards. Thanks to the low emissions systems we can ensure that the Berlin air remains as unique and recognisable as ever.


Regardless of where you’re coming from or going to: Everyone will find a place on our bus. Even prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have been connecting people from all over Europe, helping the exchange of diverse German and European cultures. This is summed in our mission statement: We connect more than just places. From Berlin to Hamburg, Munich to Leipzig, Copenhagen, Paris or London, berlinbus.com will bring you there.

Combining tradition and innovation

Architecturally, Berlin combines both old and new styles. The city is home to striking combinations of both historic buildings, old apartment blocks and new modern structures. This blend really enhances the Berlin charm. We here at berlinbus.com also combine old and new. Our buses have been operating on German roads for over 5 decades and still we manage to keep up with the times. Our buses are equipped with the latest safety and comfort systems. These allow for safe, relaxing and comfortable with berlinbus.com.

You’re not restricted with your bike

All Berliners are used to hearing the announcement from the metro driver – ‘Don’t bring your bike on board the first carriage’. With us however you are not restricted. Passengers are not permitted to store their bike by their seat. Instead we provide our passengers with a special bike rack on the rear of the bus. Simply sign up for this option in advance of your trip and you can keep on pedalling once you’ve arrived!

Just like the city of Berlin, we look to the future. With our finger on the pulse of the times, we are always keeping up to date with the trends. Here at berlinbus.com, we maintain a modern yet traditional, cosmopolitan yet multicultural outlook. We value our passengers as more than just customers. Essentially, berlinbus.com is Berlin.

This is what we stand for. Therefore we can say we connect more than places, and are constantly adapting our services to suit our customer’s wishes. berlinbus.com – Berlin’s Original Bus Company.