Terms and conditions

Transport terms and conditions

In regard these 'Special conditions of Carriage', the statutory order regarding the General Conditions of Carriage for Tram and Bus Transport and Scheduled Services with Motor Vehicles dated 27th February 1970 shall apply here, unless otherwise stated differently. Berlin Linien Bus and all its representations act only as a travel agent for all bus lines and assume no liability. The liability is with the transport companies and authorities which are listed on the bus schedules. The fares and schedules displayed by berlinbus.com are results from approved instruments and are purely for commercial use. The license holder is responsible for the accurate representation of information. For operations regarding foreign transport companies, the European Union law applies unless stated otherwise by national legislation.

1. Tickets 

Every passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket. A ticket is only valid when the barcode/QR code on the printed ticket/e-ticket can be read. The reserved passengers name along with the relevant seat reservation and point of departure must be included on the ticket. Online tickets that have been incorrectly booked for the wrong time cannot be accepted and must be re-booked as soon as possible. The right to transportation as included in the Passenger Transport Act is applicable only when prior reservation has been made. If a cancellation is necessary, we ask you do so 48hrs prior to departure. This is to ensure the bus has the required capacity so that the necessary equipment and stock can be provided. The ticket validity is four months from the date of issue. Tickets are not transferable. If booked seats are not taken up to 5 minutes prior to departure, they will be reassigned if required. 

2. Ticket Reductions

In addition to standard price tickets, there will also be promotional and saving price tickets available on all connections. Our price structure is available on our website as well as the timetable booklet. 

3. The transport of disabled and mobility impaired passengers

Our vehicles comply with the statutory requirements outlined in the UN R107. Due to technical reasons, the transport of mobility impaired passengers is available on most national routes. This is especially true if the passenger in question is confined to a wheelchair. For safety reasons we ask that passengers, with restricted mobility, note the following points: 

A) - Wheelchair passengers who wish to travel without the presence of an assistant must be able to enter and exit the bus, and move to and from his/her own seat by themselves. This is especially important if an evacuation of the bus is necessary. Unfortunately, assistance from operational personnel whilst entering, exiting and during transit is not possible. Carers or assistant can travel free of charge, however they must be included in the booking.

B) - The transport of collapsible wheelchairs and other orthopaedic aids is, by law, available and free of charge. Passengers must inform us in advance by telephone, if these have to be transported in the luggage compartments of buses due to a danger posed or for spatial requirements. The Baggage Regulations that can be found in the Terms of Transportation are applicable here. Please pay close attention to the weight restrictions.

C) – We cannot guarantee that wheelchair facilities at both departure and arrival stops will be suitable. These are not the responsibility of Berlin Linien Bus GmbH. Mobility impaired passengers are advised to contact local administrative services at the necessary bus stops to see if the necessary requirements are in place.

D) – All Berlin Linien Bus GmbH newly purchased vehicles can transport two wheelchairs. Unfortunately however, the sanitary facilities on both new and old buses are not wheelchair accessible. Therefore we ask that wheelchair confined passengers make use of the sanitary facilities at rest stops. 

E) - To ensure the safe transport of wheelchair users and all other passengers, we are only allowed to transport wheelchairs that can be securely attached to our coaches. There are specific rules and regulations for all wheelchairs produced after September 2009: they must have been tested by the manufacturer, the recommended use must be declared, they must also be marked when suitable as passenger seats. They must come fitted with attachment points suitable for securing according to 75078 and have the manufacturers release approval of DIN EN 12183 or 12184. Please make sure you can prove that your wheelchair fits the necessary requirements for securing to our coaches.  

F) - Passengers travelling with a wheelchair are asked to book a minimum of 7 days prior to departure. 

4. The transport of animals

Any animals, who wish to be transported, must be included in the booking. For dogs and small animals - regardless of their size - standard prices take effect. The transport of dogs and small animals is only permitted on national lines. The transportation of dogs on seats is prohibited by law. Dogs must be muzzled during transport and small animals must in the appropriate pet transport boxes. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs for mobility impaired passengers can travel without a muzzle. 

5. Transportation of luggage

Passengers can bring a maximum of one piece of hand luggage free of charge (40cm x 30cm x 17cm.)  On national routes, passengers can bring a maximum of three pieces of luggage (max 25kg each.) Children who are travelling for free (check our children go free offer) can also bring one piece of luggage with them.  (max. 25kg.) For each piece of luggage handed over, passengers will receive a luggage tag.Luggage must be inspected on arrival in case of any damage caused during transit. If damage is found, a worker must be notified immediately. If the luggage was transported without reservation, he or she is required to prove that the damage occurred during transit. Liability is assumed at the required legal minimum. Luggage must be suited to bus transportation. It must be packed correctly so that it can withstand the weight of other pieces of luggage being stacked on top of it. Luggage containing fragile contents must be noted and made clear to the driver. Complaints of damaged luggage that are made too late will not be accepted. Bulky items include prams, bicycles, wheelchairs, sledges, skis and any luggage that exceeds the normal dimensions and weight. On our national routes, it's possible to travel with this luggage once the necessary booking has been made and you have received confirmation from us. The transport of bikes carries a surcharge of 10€, unless the price description states otherwise. Passengers can only avail of this service when the bike has been booked and paid for in advance of their journey. Bikes must be of a standard size, without additional features and cannot exceed a weight of 17kg. Tandem bikes, three person bikes, E-Bikes and electric pedal bikes are excluded from this offer.


6. Children travelling alone

Small children and babies up to 13kg (up to 1.5 years old) can only travel when the baby carrier does not exceed the belt restrictions. We do not provide baby carriers. For children who can sit on their own, there is no need for any baby seats, our buses are fitted with appropriate child suitable belts. On national routes, with written consent from parents, children between the ages of 9 and 14 can travel alone. It must also be made clear the name of the person who will be collecting them at their destination. The relevant form can be obtained on our company website. Children from the age of 14 can travel alone when in the possession of written consent from parents. On International routes, children must be accompanied by someone aged 18 or older.

7. Cancelling or changing your booking on national routes

Transaction fees will be deducted from the refund total. This is in line with §10 of the General Transport Conditions. The cancellation, rebooking or refund of promo fare tickets is not possible. These regulations do not apply to a cancellation of departure or delay in departure from a bus stop for more than 120 minutes. In these circumstances, the provisions of (EU) Regulation no. 181/2011 of the European Parliament and of the council of February 16th 2011 on the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport will apply. 

8. Cancelling or changing your booking on International routes

The processing of international journeys requires a great deal of work. Passengers who withdraw from a transport contract will incur the following flat rate charges: A) If a passenger cancels up to 48 hours prior to departure, cancellation fees will amount to 25% of the ticket price, with a minimum fee of 10€ per person. B) Passengers who cancel less than 48 hours prior to departure will incur a fee of 50% of the ticket price, with a minimum fee of 20€ per person. C) If the passenger does not cancel and does not turn up, they are still liable to pay fees. As outlined in point 8.b, passengers can rebook their trip for a later date.  D) If a passenger does not return on the booked date the price of a one way ticket will be deducted from the overall price. These tickets are to be sent to Berlin Linien Bus Ltd. along with the bank details of the client. E - Rebookings are treated as cancellations. F - The passenger is free to prove that there were no costs incurred on the part of the transport company or that the costs incurred were lower than the minimum fees stated in part A and B. In this case the passenger will not have to pay any fees at all or he/she will have the fee lowered.

9. Subject to approval

If coach lines published in a timetable are marked with 'Subject to official approval', this may mean the route is not fully complete (connections, bus stops, frequency of trips, prices etc.). The approval process is a prerequisite to the opening of the new route and the publication of the updated route map. 

10. Liability 

The terms stated in the (EU) Regulation No. 181/2011 of the European Parliament as of 16th February 2011 and the amending regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 concerning the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport apply to the liability of the transport with the subsequent additions: In the case of a delay in departure, passengers will receive compensation to the value of an 80€ night stay in a hotel. This does not include the cost of transport between bus station and accommodation. This overnight compensation is for a maximum of two nights.

11. Payment methods

There’s a variety of payment possibilities when you are booking online. For more details on payment options, visit the company’s website. Purchasing tickets directly from the driver is possible. This is limited to cash payments in Euro only. You’ll receive information about our retail outlets from our respective sales partners. 

12. Payment type: EC-Debit 

Purchase by debit; Direct Debit Authority, Processing fee for a chargeback. 

A) The payable amount is due immediately via our external partner BillPay GmbH on the date specified, into the relevant account (current account) is due by direct debit. BillPay GmbH is granted a direct debit mandate to collect all due payments and instruct your bank to honour the debits. The credit identifier of BillPay is DE19ZZZ00000237180. The mandate reference number will be provided at a later date via email. 

Note: You will be reimbursed within 8 weeks of the load date. Your contract with your bank and its conditions is applicable in this context. For more information please visit here.

Initial information about the collection of SEPA Direct Debit will be sent to you at least one day before the due date of payment. This will be sent to the email you used when ordering. 

If the paying account does not have sufficient funds to make the payment, the bank in question is not liable to cover the payment. Partial payments are not possible with direct debit. 

B) The payment by direct debit is not available for all offers and requires a successful credit check by BillPay GmbH along with confirmation that the checking account is operational in Germany. If the credit check is successful then the payment process will be carried out in cooperation with BillPay GmbH. The customer can pay by discharging the debt, only to BillPay GmbH. We remain responsible for the purchase by direct debit via BillPay and for general customer inquiries (e.g. goods, delivery and dispatch, returns, complaints etc.) The General Terms and Conditions of BillPay GmbH apply. 

C)  With the providing of the relevant bank account, customers confirm that they are authorizing a payment to this account and the respective bank. Charge-backs require a lot of administrative work on the part of both Berlin Linien Bus GmbH and BillPay GmbH. If a charge back is required (for lack of coverage of the receiving account, for expiration of the current account or for refusal from the account holder) you authorise BillPay GmbH to retry the transaction for the overdue payment once again. In such cases, you are obliged to pay the incurred costs of the return debit transaction. Given the effort and cost that goes into processing charge-backs, we ask that you, in the event of a cancellation, do not oppose the direct debit transaction. In such case, after consultation with us, the reversal of the payment will be made.

13. Miscellaneous

Regulations deviating from these terms or supplementing them apply only to individual coach lines or services. Passengers on International routes are responsible for complying with Passport, Visa and customs regulations. The published fares are only valid on the purchase of tickets in Germany. Passport and ‘BahnCard’ offers are not valid with our services.  Bus routes, timetables and fares are subject to change. If a booking has already been made, then this only applies if the deviation is suitable for the user and if he/she has been notified in advance.